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History & Mission

Established in November 2016, Goulart Foundation has helped fund +2600 artists and/or their projects in +115 countries so far.It's pretty much "1 artist or project per day of existence"!! Amazing, right? Click below to learn more.

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Ethical & Tax-Free

We never mention names of donors. Whether you're a celebrity or not, your identity is 100% safe, and will always be.Goulart Foundation is based in St. Kitts and Nevis, a country with the highest level of bank secrecy and personal data secrecy on Earth.

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Now that you already know a lot about Goulart Foundation, its history, its mission, its ethics, as well as its secrecy for both financial and personal data, what about starting to help fund artists worldwide? They certainly need you more than ever. Donate BTC!

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History & Mission

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Goulart Foundation was created to support and finance artists and their projects when they clearly don't have any other way to make it happen. Every year, thousands of amazing movies and series are put inside of random drawers around the world, and people never get to watch those ideas filmed. They stay in the paper format, forever. Goulart Foundation is here to raise funds for filmmakers and artists in general, so they can finally produce their "dream projects", and introduce themselves to the industry, with real chances of getting positive exposure. And, if this paragraph says a lot about Filmmakers and Screen Artists, don't worry! It's just an example! Actually, Goulart Foundation helps all kinds of artists and their projects. We're proud to say that we've helped finance projects in the most different environments and industries such as Fashion, Music, Animation, Circus, and many others! So, ARTIST: No matter where you come from, you are absolutely welcome in this foundation!We don't require special contracts or agreements. We simply select the most promising projects, and give their creators the necessary tools to start producing it. We have a great crew of consultants to read each project and each screenplay, one by one, even when they're not written in English. Then, our consultants select the most interesting ideas.Discretion is our middle name. We never even ask to be credited after funding a project and/or artist! Yes, the artists helped by Goulart Foundation have the most absolute FREEDOM to proceed exactly the way they want! We're definitely not worried about "getting credited" in their projects, or getting mentioned by the artists themselves. That's not our mission at all. Our mission is to help finance their projects, and that's it. Nothing more, nothing less. No second intentions. It's pure charity.When you donate to Goulart Foundation, you're not funding just one specific project (as you'd do through Crowdfunding Websites). Donating to us, you're actually empowering the whole independent arts environment, and helping these people get exposure in the mainstream. By donating to this foundation, you're taking those papers out of the drawers, and bringing them back to life, turning them into real entertainment that you could watch on streaming services, movie theaters, stages, fashion weeks, circus seasons, and a huge variety of premieres... Exciting, right?Long story short, we're here to help talented artists who are unable to finance themselves in this business. Because, in the past, Gustavo Goulart was one of these people. And he certainly would've taken an easier road if he could've had an opportunity just like this one we're offering now to millions of artists.CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT A PROJECT
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Ethical & Tax-Free

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We know that, most of the time, donors happen to be wealthy artists or outsiders that feel identified with our mission. That's why we take ethics so seriously. From the very first day, Goulart Foundation was already receiving donations from celebrities of several different countries (and entertainment industries) around the world. Some of these people may actually feel happy to publicly mention their donations. But others may not. And we absolutely respect that. So rest assured that we will never come up saying "Goulart Foundation is also funded by very powerful and famous people such as..." (No! That's never going to happen, no matter what!).Another great news is that you'll never be bothered by the IRS (or by your local Government's tax department) regarding taxes owed, as Goulart Foundation is based in Saint Kitts and Nevis, a country that offers the highest level of bank secrecy and personal data secrecy in the world (better than Panama, Isle of Man, state of Delaware, etc.). Nothing compares to Saint Kitts and Nevis. In this little caribbean island, if you say anything about other people's finances or general data without their permission, you simply get arrested. Do we need to say more?Lastly, Saint Kitts and Nevis may also be the world's best Tax Haven at this point, which is fantastic, because then Goulart Foundation is 100% able to forward its donations in full, with no need to pay any tax percentage to the Government. It's legal, effective, and extremely profitable for everyone that is being helped by Goulart Foundation around the globe.However, if you're still afraid of getting taxed for some reason, remember: When you donate Bitcoin (BTC) and/or Ethereum (ETH) to Goulart Foundation, it's an anonymous transaction. There are no entities involved. And it's untraceable by any Government. Please COPY and PASTE the wallet addresses below, or click here to Donate BTC right now!Bitcoin
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- Are you an Artist in Need due to COVID-19 or to any other reason?
- Do you have a project in mind but need funds to make it happen?
CLICK HERE to Ask for Financial Help and/or to Submit Your Project to us.DISCLAIMER: Goulart Foundation cannot guarantee that you will be selected, as there are thousands of projects in our hands right now, so it's a long process. Please don't expect a response to your email. Anyway, be aware that we read every single message. And rest assured that all selected projects and/or artists will receive a reply from us, sooner or later.CLICK HERE TO DONATE BITCOIN